East Texas
Elephant Experience

Located right outside of Conroe in the Greater Houston area, East Texas Elephant Experience is the only place in the United States that offers the opportunity to experience the amazing African elephant up close and personal

Meet the Family

After their parents were poached for ivory, our three African elephants, Jeanie, Krissy, and Paige, were brought the US and joined our family in the late 1990s. Since then, they have been the focus of our lives, helping to provide educational programs across the United States and participating in studies to help better elephants in human care.


The first addition to our family, Paige has been apart of our family since 1996. She’s also the tallest, standing over 9 feet.


The smallest of the three standing 7’ 10” at the shoulder and weighing 7,800 lbs., Krissy was born without tusks.


Our heaviest elephant weighing 9,500 lbs., Jeanie is the most playful of the three and loves to eat!

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. The staff was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. The animals are beautiful, friendly and well cared for. I cannot say enough about this experience.

- Chris
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Furry Friends

Along with our three African Elephants, we also have several camels and even a zebra. Each with its own name and personality. They enjoy grazing in the pasture with our goats.

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During your Tour…

You will also have the chance to meet and feed the Dromedary Camels, Earl Jack and Abu, Mr. Z the Grants Zebra, and our little heard of pygmy goats.


Come visit us and experience the elephants for yourself!

The East Texas Elephant Experience lasts up to 1.5 hours and is one of the only places that offers the opportunity to experience the amazing African elephant up close and personal. During that time, you will get to learn about:

  • The conflicts and the plight of the African elephants in range countries
  • Husbandry care that consists of diet, exercise, skin and foot care
  • The chance to get hands on with an elephant to pet and take pictures
  • Meet the other furry friends that live here as well
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